5" Jumbo Sample ? Record

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5" Jumbo Sample ? Record

Post by Gmemg » Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:18 pm

This is a very unusual record i was given some years ago - it's a 5" Jumbo record no 1,000- i think given or sold as a sample record or just given away as a commemorative disc and must date to 1910 after the Death of King Edward VII as one side is

"God Save The King"

Played by a Military Band whilst the other is :

"Queen Alexandra's Message to the Nation"

Sadly the record has a piece broken out of it but otherwise i have yet to see another although i do have a set of 5" Odeon record produced during the Great War or shortly after of Patriotic songs

The record


side 1


side 2


and the size

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