"The Teddy Bear's Rave Up "

To share & appreciate any recordings or U - Tube Videos of any music of any period
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"The Teddy Bear's Rave Up "

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:24 pm

Recently whilst cycling in North Oxford i saw some Girls on Horseback - i managed to put my 'phone number in the boot of one before being "handbagged" by the Memsahib and to my astonishment she gave me a call ( I should stress that although i write "girl" she is over 30) and we went out for lunch and discovered a mutual interest in Music - she likes Folk Music (Folk Off i usually say But didn't this time) and is refreshingly "bohemian" she's often ridden by the "Preceptory" and wondered who lived "in that Old Ruin" ..................

One of the record she showed me was by the sing er of this song a chap called Fred Wedlock of whom i had not heard but his amusing lyrics are well worth listening too - this apparently dates to the early 1970's his other works are just as amusing but seem to be "west Country" based

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