"If you see God Tell Him " Weird 1980s Comedy

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"If you see God Tell Him " Weird 1980s Comedy

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:20 pm

I had a very agreeable lunch to - day in North Oxford with some friends and during conversation we recalled a very odd "comedy" which was shown in the 1980's and NEVER repeated, it concerned a man who was hit on the head , suffered brain damage (with me so far ?) and thus had a limited attention span and thus believed TV adverts to be true, it was described as "black Comedy" - the show was disliked by most of the people who saw it and was thought in VERY bad taste - it starred richard Briers and despite considerable thought none of us could recall the title

Alas due to the modern computer when we retired to "the Preceptory" we found out it was called

"if you see God Tell Him"

We watched a lot of the first episode and to say it was grotesque would be an understatement - the man was hit by a Wheelbarrow full of bricks then he & his wife went on Holiday where she was stoned to Death by Football Hooligans ...............Black comedy doesn't describe it - it did have one funny moment and should you watch it it's the bit involving share dealing but that ends with a Bloke hanging himself !


but it might be worth some of you watching it

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