"Parson's Pleasure" Tales of the Unexpected

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"Parson's Pleasure" Tales of the Unexpected

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:15 pm

"Tales of the Unexpected" was an ITV series beginning in the early 1970's which was based on stories written by Roald Dahl, they usually start in a fairly innocent way but lead to a rather unexpected and sometimes rather shocking or unpleasant denouement - one "the Landlady" so frightened me that i am VERY careful when visiting Collections for sale and am always wary of visiting people i don;t know !

This is one of my all - time favourite bits of Television - it's a great story written by Dahl when he lived not far from "the Squire" in Oxfordshire , it tells the story of Cyril Winnington Boggis (The Name Boggis comes from a Witney Shop "Cooke & Boggis" ) Antiques dealer who amazes the "trade" with his magnificent stock "all acquired from Private sources" which is quite true he dresses up as a Parson and pretends to be buying for the Victoria & Albert Museum ! and buys very well indeed - in the 1970's "knockers" as they were called were fairly common knocking at private houses and buying all sorts from the owners i knew several and they were a breed unto themselves and since i haven't seen or heard of one for many years they must have died out

he finds some wonderful things but excels himself when he finds s "Chippendale Commode" at a run down farm (The Squire tells me he could name those characters in real life and knew many farms just like that in the past)

Alas in his efforts to obtain the "commode" Rev Boggis makes two mistakes first he tells the farmer "I only want it for the legs" then wanders to a phone box to boast of his luck ...................


another episode has had a profound effect on me - it's called "Galloping Foxley" and concerns a meeting in a Railway Carriage between a former Public School boy now middle aged & another middle aged man who , when a boy tormented him at school - the former tells the whole carriage how he was bullied .................the "twist" is amusing but has made me extra careful since !

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