Colonial ? Blue Columbia 201 Portable Blue fittings ?

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Colonial ? Blue Columbia 201 Portable Blue fittings ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:11 pm

I went to see "the Squire" a few days ago and he sowed me a Columbia portable gramophone he had recently bought - not in the best external condition it was of great interest, Coloured Columbia Portables are most uncommon - HMV ones can be found and must have sold well despite their Premium prices but Coloured Columbia machines are rarely encountered the most "Common" (which it isn't) is the Columbia 113a an American inspired Leviathan with a padded top and gold plated fittings

This is something different - it has a textured Blue covering and has a light padding on the top and appears normal inside - an early model using a large Garrard Made Columbia Motor NOT the no 20 that later models have and has the Viva -tonal tonearm and No 9 soundbox BUT again there is a soundbox clip inside and a flap in the lid instead of an Album as is usually found in these models - all very strange

The strangest thing about this model is that when he took it apart "the Squire" found the remnants of Blue lacquer not only on the tonearm but on the soundbox and ALL the internal fittings ! a very strange and unique finish which was obviously meant to match the exterior

So this is undoubtedly an early model but is it Colonial ? was it a display model ? what is it ?

Here's the machine open - the external fittings are all enamelled Black


The standard Columbia Tonearm - look at the end where the soundbox fits - it's blue lacquered - the rest has been polished off


The soundbox - although worn the blue lacquer is clearly visible


a Unique clip in the lid designed to hold down the soundbox - it's clearly Blue and quite a deep shade

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