Viva - Tonal Fullotone Portable ?

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Viva - Tonal Fullotone Portable ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:53 pm

I recently bought a large collection of records and alas had to take a fairly large collection of machines (there were 2 REALLY exiting ones but also it was in the contract so i had to !)sadly they had been stored badly and not wishing to add to my stockpile of junk parts & broken, unfixable motors i burned all the really awful ones

I kept approx 40 portables - complete, working and just needing some tidying and maybe a drop of oil in case i do a Car boot sale eventually and there i shall try and sell them to recover a fraction of my costs !

I found this Fullotone Portable - an apparently boring, standard portable of the Late 1920's whilst looking of a Garrard motor for a friend - i felt sure this would have one and so unscrewed the Motorboard and saw the horn - i was a - mazed (as frankie Howerd Would say) the horn appears to be Viva - Tonal a direct copy of the system used in Columbia Cabinet machines - i don;t believe the portables used the system although the tonearms did - whilst here the tonearm doesn't !

The machine


The Trademark "As Mighty as an Organ"


The Collaro Motor


The Horn - astonishing

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