EMG/Expert Preservation Society

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EMG/Expert Preservation Society

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:26 pm

I've received an interesting letter recently on behalf of the "EMG/Expert Preservation Society"

Here's the text:

"Dear Friends,
We are Proposing to create a Preservation Society something akin to the National Trust for the Preservation, restoration, study of the later products fo the EMG/Expert Company, yes those historically valuable products of the Nineteen- Fifties which, in their time were a the top of the reproduction tree. I and others feel passionately that , even though we, personally are VERY VERY RICH indeed we would like YOU to contribute to our funds for the benefit of posterity and whilst these machines, worth more as parts now, , are not the greatest pieces of craftsmanship and rather out of fashion we think YOU should pay for their collection, Restoration and preservation from the sort of Money Grubbing crooks , Spivs and dodgy Property developers /Bogus Police Complainants/Graverobbers associated with the EMG/Expert since the firm's founder

so please give generously so we can have a good French Polish (or equivilent finish) and not let these fine machines be broken up or put down for the lack of YOUR money rather than ours


Millionaire hedgefund - Manager ........ President
Chunnsori Museum ............................................. Credit Card Purchase manager /Token Asian
Frankly Arrogant - Chalkschool ............................Failed Businessman

In association with the CLPGS Museum of Paedos, Fossilised Wigs /Ted Heath Yacht - Abusers

please send all contributions to : "The Interfering Old Banker, "Dun bunging, Arthur Daley, Somerset P O Box All41&14all"

Does anyone else know of this "charitable" effort ?
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Corruption in the CLPGS :
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Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character .Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Worship without sacrifice. Politics without principle.

Money. Greed. Naivety. Falsehoods. Exploitation. Welcome to the wonderful world of gramophones!

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