Coronation of Queen Victoria waltz J Strauss Snr

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Coronation of Queen Victoria waltz J Strauss Snr

Post by Gmemg » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:44 am

There are some astonishing things on the internet - U - tube is a constant delight and seems never ending in providing new things i was previously unaware of - I thought i knew about the Strauss Family music but my sources in the past were very limited - since the 1990's people like Naxos have been recording all sorts of stuff unheard in modern times and often since actually written and thanks to U - Tube we can all here them

"Coronation of Queen Victoria of great Britain" Waltz By J Strauss Snr

Is one such - why isn't it played at the Proms ?

here's my Playlist of the very unusual stuff i've discovered on u -Tube and certainly isn't complete ! ... jGmLs1TySc
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