"Dancing Time Vol 2 " Review

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"Dancing Time Vol 2 " Review

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:56 pm

This is the second CD in the "dancing Time" Series produced By Rob and yet another triumph !

Jazz is a Genre of music of which i know little - i know what i like but that's not enough for a lot of "jazz Fans" they want to categorise and define what Jazz is and all seem to use different criteria to define what they mean so it becomes confusing for someone like me (AKA A stupid person ? - ED) I don't know what this type of Danceband music is called by "Experts" but i call it "Laurel & Hardy" Music as it's the style of Danceband music used to great effect in The Laurel & Hardy Films and that's where i first heard it , it's jolly music, it's Optimistic music and i find it's the perfect music for driving (Not a Ford Model T )

And so it was whilst heading back to Oxford having dropped off some Xmas Visitors at Heathrow this morning (Foggy isn't the Word) that i was playing the CD rob sent to me and was delighted !

Early Jack Hylton, Paul Whiteman, Benson Orch of Chicago, Bailey's Lucky seven , Porter's Blue Devils, Radio Dance Orch , and the Savoy Havana Band provide a wide and interesting selection of GOOD MUSIC i was particularly interested to see that The Original Capitol Orch was represented as i have a number of their records (Not these though) and as with Vol 1 tunes some of which are familiar and others which are not but throughout a consistently high quality of selection not only of repertoire but also of standard - nothing disappoints , nothing "jars" it all "fits" and provides a seamless quality of sound which helps the miles fly by on a long (and to - day Foggy) journey

Again Rob has produced a High quality product equal to, and often superior to commercial Cds if only because his taste in Music and discrimination in selection shines through - this is NOT a CD for the "completeist" who wants EVERY Disc by Fletcher henderson including that one with the 25.6 second Trumpet solo recorded on a Wednesday with the wind in the east ! this is for someone who wants a fair and representative overview of a period

The transfers are just right - as one would expect from a Rob CD some have a very little surface noise BUT only because it would harm the quality of sound to remove it - for me it adds a touch of authenticity and LIFE to the transfer those who want a flat , boring and frankly "vanilla" transfer should look for CDs of modern versions of these tunes - you won't find a better or more authentic transfer than Rob's this is how recoords of this period should sound and will NOT Come as a shock to the novice listener .

If you're looking for a delightful CD for playing in the car on Journeys or the background to a "Gatsby" party or just to sample the delightful music of the 1920's (Without buying all 35 volumes of Henry Hall & the BBC Dance Orch ) I urge you to contact Rob for a copy to - day

Tracklist to follow .
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