Covers Covered - Collecting sleeves

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Covers Covered - Collecting sleeves

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:40 pm

I've collected records for over 30 years and from almost the beginning i noticed that for FREE i also obtained the sleeve which if a company one advertised the company, maybe a machine and sometimes other records and if not it advertised the shop which supplied the record - many years ago a friend suggested making a collection of them, but not having time i just put them aside hoping for the time to collate and file them - i occasionally organised them roughly in some sort of order, weeding out the duplicates and replacing tatty ones with better examples

Few will know that the card sleeves with shop adverts had to be PAID for and despite advertising the shop were not FREE i find these fascinating as they have a real social history, often one street in the larger towns seems to have had many places for buying records - not only gramophone shops which were often for the rich but cycle shops, newsagents and in one case a Hairdressers !

A great many shops seemed to exist for a great many years and have different illustrations of machines they sold which had to change over the years going from G & T models right up to Radiograms

I spoke to Roger Thorne about this and he said that he only kept the local ones, early ones and Company sleeves as the task of sorting the rest was beyond him - an odd thing as he had spent HOURS, weeks and years filing all the other information he had - he , and i , noticed the almost Dickensian Names of some of the firms and the peculiar addresses some had and as he rightly pointed out very , very few were still in existence to - day so these covers are the only physical remnant of the firms

Wherever they advertise they were usually printed in Bristol. these for the collection shown below - i should say those on the shelves here are JUST UK sleeves the London ones take up 40ft of shelving - i took the photo yesterday and that was lucky, these are now stored in a shed which due to a storm last night had most of the windows above the shelves broken and so i had to board over them to stop rain getting in so it's darker now than yesterday and i cannot list as i wanted all the towns covered but will soon, at least they're organised for the first time in the over 30 years since i started collecting and that's a great relief

I think that there are over 3,000 here and a lot more in the "London" collection - the good thing is that there is no such thing as a complete collection .

My Aim is to photo all these and set up some sort of archive so that all sorts of interested people can use this collection as a resource

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