"HMV 194 with EMG arm " For sale 1933!

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"HMV 194 with EMG arm " For sale 1933!

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:24 pm

Here's an odd advert from "The Gramophone" Magazine from May 1933 - i find the small ads in The Gramophone most interesting , in fact some are more interesting than most of the text ! (Here's the advert for Rob's Benefit)

"Property of a well - known Gramophone Expert, An HMV re - entrant No 194 in Antique Oak fitted with EMG arm & reproducer electric AC motor and distant control Equal to an EMG Mk Xa "

i wonder what that sounded like and does the machine still exist ? i haven't heard of it and probably some twit has turned it back into a Boring HMV 194 !

the other adverts are as interesting - A "Full Size Virtz Cabinet" machine - What would that look like ? and why were so many Radio grams for sale in New condition ? and why so many Sets or Highbrow records "only Played once with Fibre" ?

Here's the original advert

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