Pathe Adaptor for G & T Machines

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Pathe Adaptor for G & T Machines

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:04 pm

This is an interesting item - i first saw one of these when visiting "the Squire" it is an adaptor specifically for G & T or HMV Machines, i have no idea who made it but assume it was Pathe

The idea is simple - all you need do is unscrew the gooseneck of any G & T or Early HMV machine and replace it with this - screw it up and then it's ready to play Pathe disques,it works well and i've never known one to "skate" for one simple yet effective reason - between the back of the soundbox and the gooseneck there is a lead plate providing the weight needed to keep the stylus on track

I found my one of these at a street market and paid only £15 as the soundbox was damaged - i simply replaced the front with an identical one and it's fine !

Here's a Video of it in use with one of my 1906 G & T Sheraton Grands

The front


The side


The Back




You can see the Lead plate between the front plate & the back fitting

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