Unique ? Peter Dawson Accidental Studio edge recording

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Unique ? Peter Dawson Accidental Studio edge recording

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:02 pm

Whilst in a "southern Counties" Tow with "the Squire" viewing the large collection of Jazz records we went out for lunch after which i did tour of the local charity shops - you may think that was Mad considering we were there to buy a fantastic and important collection but i never miss an opportunity !

In one charity shop i bought a very tatty copy of Peter Dawson's Autobiography "Fifty years of Song" for a few pence - i hadn't seen a copy before and was delighted so when we next spoke i mentioned this and "the Squire" told me of a Peter Dawson record with a recording right on the edge before the actual recording - he told me the title :

" I am A Friar in orders Grey" Zono 512

and so i scurried off to the Storage barn to look out that record - luckily i have sorted out the Peter Dawson records i already had just before Xmas so knew where they were as i didn't want to o through all the records that have come in in the last few months looking for it

I found three copies all with different styles of label BUT with the same Matrix Numbers and Label numbers and apparently the same recording - the first certainly didn't have the recording in the outer edge and neither did the second BUT the third DID have a few grooves in the normally either blank or sometimes with a raised ring outer edge near the very edge of the record

It seems that someone dropped the recording head briefly then raised it and instead of wasting the wax they just made the record but obviously just for this take ! all you hear is come chatter int eh studio and then Peter Dawson "warming up "

It MUST be a Unique recording

here's the U - Tube recording


Here is the record showing the groove at the LH edge

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