The Bankers Guide to Art - BBC

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The Bankers Guide to Art - BBC

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:53 pm

I watched this documentary this evening as there seemed little on the TV and i have watched Game of Thrones Series 6 about 8 times now ! and w2as highly amused - in fact it was Hilarious !

statements such as :

"If you want to invest in art about £100,000 is more or less the starting point"

really ? well, the more i thought about it the more i thought they had a point - most of the "antiques" or pictures that are priced at less than that rarely seem to improve in value - in fact some are quite the opposite !

They had a series of Rules - No 4 was :

"Never Trust a dealer"

one Dealer said : I"I've sold a painting for £30,000,000 - £40,000,000 as i've done well you can charge 2-4% but really it's whatever you can get away with ......................"

Well, That was the funniest thing i'd heard until i heard the "rules of Art Collecting"

"You are a new collector and want to join this exclusive club , you want to play by the club's rules which are :

"I (the Dealer) Will tell you how much an Object is worth"
"I (the Dealer)will tell you what is authentic and what isn't"
" and you will pay however much i tell you this is worth "

Sounds familiar doesn't it ? (especially to "suicidal" Steve TMF Admin who told me very similar stories of the "leading dealer"

then they really made me laugh - apparently Dealers are :

"in it for themselves"

"Are unscrupulous"

""Out to make as much money as they can"

Well, Blow me - i'd never realised ! it also seems that the Art Market is largely unregulated and dealers can charge what they like - well isn't that capitalism ? those who charge more than Clients will pay go bust - isn't that how it works ?

there followed anecdotes of dealers ACTUALLY MARKING THINGS UP THEY BOUGHT AT AUCTION how astonishing !

another quote was :

"Don't look for the bargain" and that's true as things things are often used by Rich People as Trophies - they have the houses, Yachts, Private planes and Wives so they use art to show off " well, hasn't that always been the case throughout history ?

was this made by playschool for thickoes ?

Here's the documentary ... ide-to-art
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