Supraphon record Deck

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Supraphon record Deck

Post by Gmemg » Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:39 pm

This item was one of the many things i had to take when buying a large collection of 78s and machines a few months ago - in the past this would have gone straight to the dump but because it's so odd i decided to keep it (for a while)

It must be East European and Post -War even thought it has a definite 1930's feel to it - all that Bakelite !

I suppose what stopped me from dumping it was the fact that it had to original needle container - i've seen them sold separately for reasonably large sums

Here it is - the "shading" is original - it is LARGE and is much larger than a Victorian Writing box !


The front opens and the deck slides out to reveal a blonde - wood interior with a LOT of bakelite fittings


The Supraphon Needle Box which is only held in place by 3 edge clips - once removed no - one would know it had been part of a machine


The massive Tonearm - with "ultraphon" cast into it


The Plug - i haven't tried this !

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