Were some Cylinder records Nicked from Discs ?

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Were some Cylinder records Nicked from Discs ?

Post by Gmemg » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:55 pm

A correspondent on U - Tube tells me he noticed a distinct similarity between a cylinder recording i put on U - Tube yesterday and a Zonophone Disc recording i put on some years ago ! i thought this was rubbish until i heard them together and there is more than a similarity in the recordings

We all know that singers made thousands of record in their time often many per day and some , like Peter Dawson & Geo baker often recorded for both types of recordings and no doubt a cylinder record of one song would sound very similar to a disc record of the same song and we also know that "pirate" Records were made from disc records and no doubt that Original , say Edison, cylinders could be copied by shop keepers or amateurs onto Blank wax cylinders possibly for sale or just for personal use BUT ................

Could some people have rigged up a tube from a soundbox on a gramophone to the recorder on a phonograph and COPIED RECORDS ?

I have a number of cylinders from a recent collection which say "no announcement" and "Duplicated" on them .............is that what they are ?

here's an Anonymous recording of "BlueBell"


and "Bluebell" Sung by Hamilton Hill S/S Zonophone X -


w2hat do you think ?
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