A Boring ? electric Columbia

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A Boring ? electric Columbia

Post by Gmemg » Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:34 pm

I recently bought a collection of Gramophones only to buy thousands of records in the same "collection" - some of the machines were scrapped on the spot due to damp storage, others are uneconomic to restore as the missing parts would cost more than the complete machine would be worth ! so a really good deal !

This one is in good condition and at first glance isn't of interest - it's when you look closer you find it's really something that should be preserved in a museum - it's got an electric motor - whether it was built with it or it was something that was a Very expensive accessory i can't tell although the plug is neatly fitted into the winding hole of the case thus indicating either the use of a standard case

Electric motored Gramophones are rare things - they were expensive new and as few places outside large towns had "The Electric" at the time it would have been a lot easier & more sensible and certainly cheaper to have a wind up machine - some Grand Country Houses had their won Electric plants but the output was variable and didn;t do the motors much good !

Needless to say i haven't plugged it in !

The unremarkable exterior


The inside - at first glance nothing unusual - but take a closer look !


The turntable removed - the Columbia Electric Motor


The underneath of the Unique Aluminium Turntable


The Totally standard cast Columbia Horn


The Underneath of the Motor


The Motophone Patents


The Centre Spindle - it's over 1" high and i think you have to twist it to start the motor

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