The Acoustograph recording Portable

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The Acoustograph recording Portable

Post by Gmemg » Sat Jan 27, 2018 9:27 pm

This astonishing machine came to me as part of a collection - it was only the second of these i had seen and the other one was incomplete and mysteriously vanished after it's owner's death ..........happens a lot in the UK !

Basically this machine is a portable machine which was designed to record onto discs either acoustically via a speaking horn or via a radio connection then it could play back those recordings using a very light extra soundbox , what the discs were i don;t know but assume they were either some sort of durium type with shellac varnished onto card of some sort of perhaps the Permarec type which need to be baked in an oven after recording

The machine's trademark showed the feedscrew device which fitted to the centre of the turntable and using the attachment provided allowed the soundbox /cutter to transverse the record and thus making the recording either acoustically or from a Radio - a VERY novel (and legally dubious ) idea in the 1930's the odd thing is that it had a Garrard no 20 motor which could never had been powerful enough so what was it ? it certainly wasn't a prototype as i have seen 2 of them so maybe never did work - i just don;t know

I could find no information about these machines but when i listed it on ebay a couple of people offered to supply information and original adverts for it but so far none has actually appeared !

here are some photos of it :#

here it is open


Here's the side view showing the end view of the cannister which slid inside the case to contain the recording horn, feedscrew etc


and the canister removed


The Curious Contents of the Canister


The Trademark in the Lid - "the Camera of Sound"


The inside showing the Acoustic cutter, the Electric Cutter and the connection for the wiring which went through to the outside of the case


How to record acoustically


and electrically

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