On ebay - Pathe Machine ? or Home Made ?

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On ebay - Pathe Machine ? or Home Made ?

Post by Gmemg » Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:10 pm

There's an interesting floor standing machine on ebay which has been the subject of some discussion between collectors & myself , i think it fair to say opinion is somewhat divided on the matter !

The Owner states that :

" I bought it off a guy who's Dad made it"

and some i know think that is the case but i'm not totally convinced , I've looked the pictures - and have NOT seen it in person which may make things clearer but i think it's too well designed and too well made to be a home made job - you only have to look a the woodwork of the case to see it's machine made and YES it could have been another piece of furniture which has been adapted but what was it that was adapted ? it's all too well made , then look at the inside when the doors are open - again too well made around the horn it's all been made for it and not by some old bloke in a shed

then look at the fittings - the horn looks genuine as does the elbow and the tapering tube and the tonearm has some sort of weight adjuster which looks perfectly genuine - all things which again could not be done in a shed by even the most gifted craftsman

It has a Pathe soundbox and that may not be original i can't think of why it shouldn't be and an adaptor used to play "ordinary" records

However £1300 ? it's not 1990 now and i don't think it would sell - i might stretch to £800 to see what it is and see what it could do but commercially i don't think it would do much better than that in these times

Here are the photos form the listing :

The Outside - far too well made for an amateur


Inside the door - far too well made again for an amateur


The light fittings may be later but otherwise as i would expect


The interior - genuine looking an professionally made

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