"Wonderphone" Oxford Camera & Gramophone

All the machines NOT Covered above ie : Continental, Unbranded, Small firms & Any Portable machines (other than By HMV)
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"Wonderphone" Oxford Camera & Gramophone

Post by Gmemg » Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:29 pm

Many years ago i went to view a Christie's Sale - they don;t hold them now, just not financially viable due to "odd happenings" like the purchase of the Magnophone for EXACTLY what they buyer had in his pocket - the Auctioneer going faster than the 'phones could catch up ! but in one sale was a papier machine horn in it's original horn basket

The horn looked like a Wilson Horn but was slightly elongated but had a smooth surface - it came in a travelling basket of, for obvious reasons the same shape as the horn but being made of wicker had a bumpy surface and an enamel plaque screwed to the outside of the case stating

"The Scientific Wonderphone, Makers & patentees, The Oxford Camera & Gramophone Co, London"

I understand that at least one of these baskets has had, about 40 years ago, it's "bumpy Surface" covered with Papier mache, roughly shoved into a horn elbow and painted with strange markings and to finish it off the enamel plaque screwed to the INSIDE of the horn ! it's the sort of old tosh "knocked Up " By some old CLPGS Twit - George Frow, MIke Field, you name 'em, it could be any one of the "Old Farts & Kiddy Fiddlers" to fool the unwary !

(Mr Bakelite was not harmed by this - apart from his chances of flogging it on ebay - YES it is an Advert ! )

Would it fool anyone ?

Not the "Chunnsori" museum surely ?

(Here'at the Preceptory, Oxford we "wonder" at anyone believing so patent a fake but then WE have a sense of Humour and some don't)
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