Double Horn Concert Automatique ?

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Double Horn Concert Automatique ?

Post by Gmemg » Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:28 pm

This interesting machine is seen on U - Tube, it's Vendor, for it is for sale, is Guido Severijns. I like this very much indeed and when the Preceptory is fixed and i know how many ha'pennies are left i may buy it !

Basically it;s the typical French Cafe machine , tall cabinet, coin operated motor etc BUT with two soundboxes/tonearms/horns facing forward , the sondboxes face each other in the same groove NOT on opposite sides for the record as seen in some German machine of much smaller dimensions, one with the stylus bar as normal with a Pathe but the other with the stylus & first part of the bar facing Backwards so the groove isn't damaged

When you look at this it's just a standard machine with another backbracket & Horn mounted on what would be the Front of a standard model !

the look is fantastique and you can hear the sound for yourselves !

I suppose they were designed for Cafe use but for somewhere where DOUBLE the volume is needed - -"The Squire" tells me he has special Pathe disques which he thinks are for the Coin op Pathe Concert manchines - they have run in - and run out grooves Pictures soon

I often wonder if an EMG version could be made - there's no reason why not it's just he expense !

here it is

Here's a "normal" One - they are By no means rare and if you really want one a GOOD One will be found fairly easily they come in various qualities of cabinet build from the cheap & Tatty straight oput of a Rat infested french Barn (From a UK Dealer) to absolutely magnificent (from a french or Dutch Dealer) the Backbrackets are substantial but the long elbows ALL have a slight lean in them - it's in the casting and they ALL have it, the horns range from literally paper thin to a little thinner than a G & T Horn and some are brass whilst most are tin

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