Aerophone Tabletop or Horn machine ?

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Aerophone Tabletop or Horn machine ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:08 pm

This is an interesting machine found at one of the big fairs some years ago by "the Squire" (You won;t find anything like this now !) it's a french Aerophone and appears to be just a hornless Grand - it's not perfect and the patches you can see on the top are just dust i forgot to remove before photographing it - i think this had a sort of "Night & Day" (Jour Et Nuit) Bracket which converted this into a double horn machine that's not there but it's a good , original machine otherwise about which i can find out nothing !

how much did this cost ? well, as i say a few years ago it was bought for £25, and to most it may not be worth that but if you have an Aerophone and needed a soundbox , well it would be VERY cheap just for that

here it is


The Aerophone Trademark


The Aerophone "concert" Soundbox - looking rather like a Swiss One but actually made of Aluminium in the style of Pathe - who MUST be the originator of these machines


The Back section - the tonearm just slots into the top


and dismantled


The Side decoration - all sides have the same design - even the back !

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