Kestraphone gramophone

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Kestraphone gramophone

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:03 pm

This is an interesting machine which has appeared on ebay - it's more or less just a typical plywood sided cabinet machine made in the 1920's - it doe shave afew interesting features and as i cannot remember seeing another


The motorbaord isn't that interesting - the off the shelf fittings are standard but the tonearm has a specially made aluminium plinth to raise it


The soundbox - a typical swiss effort usually seen as either an Astra or indeed a "seymour Superphone" but here with a paper label int he back saying kestraphone


The unusual Horn - apparently some sort of adapted phonogrpah horn but made of wood


The most interesting part of the machine - a sort of speed guide to playing records - i'm not certain that it's accurate or anything other than someone's opinion but it shows the influence of the "experts" on machines !"

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