A Tale of Two Orchorsols

All the machines NOT Covered above ie : Continental, Unbranded, Small firms & Any Portable machines (other than By HMV)
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A Tale of Two Orchorsols

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:57 pm

No not a couple of CLPGS members ! (there are far than two orchorsols in the CLPGS !)

I saw the lighter of these machines for auction on ebay and thought it worth buying as orchorsol machines are not common i have seen a few of the portables and bought the original cardboard box for one at the NVCF years ago from Paul Austwick (who makes machines "run Sweetly" for everyone including "our Ken" ) THEN saw the darker machine which from the pictures looked identical -that machine was a "buy it now" for £40 so i bought it and then found i'd bought the lighter one for £20

The darker one was apparently complete but the lighter one was missing the soundbox and wasn't working - oddly enough that one arrived first and i realised it had a very nice and unusual rexine finish imitating Watered Silk - i have seen that finish before in black used on a "cowey" portable and thus assume there is a very good chance these better quality machines by smaller firms are badge engineered at the same makers ?

I cleaned the lighter one and it came up to be almost MINT condition so when the darker one arrived looking very tatty with woodworm and other faults i decided to make one good one out of the two

I started by taking the motor out of the lighter one and checking the spring - it was a new one with what appeared to be Vaseline instead of Grease so i cleaned that off and re - greased it, the odd thing is that it was a new spring but whoever tried to fit it had not been able to work out that with this type of motor (Garrard no 20) the winder goes through the hole in the lid of the barrel THEN you put the pin though the centre and only then fit the lid of the spring !

i re - assembled it all and had a nice machine - the dark machine i then took apart - it worked but WASN'T identical - it had a Garrard no 14 motor which appears identical ! i checked it and as it works i shall put it aside for someone who just want's something to play 78s on and doesn't mind spending £20 for it !

Here they are


Open - showing the hole cut int eh record carrier so you can see the record label !


The Apparently identical motors


The Very unusual "watered Silk" design actually pressed into the covering


and finally a Video of Me cleaning the Lighter one in the Dangerous surroundings of the "orangery"

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