Pathe "Olotonal" Leather Portable Help

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Pathe "Olotonal" Leather Portable Help

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:56 pm

This is apparently a very fine Pathe Olotonal machine, it's complete as seen with a thick leather case and with the added De luxe touch of a Silver, YES Silver Plate for the Owner's initials or crest to be engraved upon it beauticully edged with Niello stripes , not a one off as i have another Pather Olotonal in Pigskin leather which has an identical but smaller plate - why couldn't HMV have done such a thing as standard for the De Luxe models ? is it just "Gallic Chic"

I bought these as part of a "continental" collection recently and was so busy looking through the other fine machines i failed to notice the probelm with this initially !

It's been re - motored (Luckily the only one in this collection ) but as the interior is lined with Velvet it's not as drastic as a wooden motorboarded one but still, Does anyone know which motor it should have ? i suspect some sort of Swiss one rather than a Typical Pathe at this date but am not certain - the smaller machine i own has a completely different motor so is no help !

Here it is next to a blue 101 to show the large size but same height of the machine (yes, that is French Dust on the Top - not staining)


The machines side by side - showing the Handle on the "wrong" (for the UK) Side


The interior


The Name plate


The delightful Pathe needle box -rather like a Pill - Box, fixed to the motorboard but elegant in a way no UK needle container ever is !


The Type Plate


The Velvet covered motorboard - showing the triangular set of holes for the original motor which , as it's replacement does , winds from the front

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