Columbia 100 "Cadet" Portable

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Columbia 100 "Cadet" Portable

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:55 pm

I found this amongst a lot of tatty portable sin a damp cellar last year - i didn't think it worth saving so it went to the dump with the ther ones beyond repair - as i was taking it out i checked to see if i had retrieved the soundbox and then noticed the tonearm base (Pot - metal) was intact and so kept it ALL the others of this model i have seen had smashed or replaced tonearm bases (Barry Williamson Had a batch of bases made in the 1980's)

I brought it back and it dried out with only slight rusting - the case is made of metal and very durable and is covered with typical Columbia Rexine, it has a Viva tonal tonearm which goes into a conduit and real horn -n not just through a hole in the motorboard, i assume it had a single spring motor but haven't found out yet

I haven't seen many of these as most "serious" Collectors cannot be bothered with them and leave them to (as one collector called them ) "The Little Men, the bores"

I think these machines are rather fun and whilst not a 203 in terms of sound quality aren't bad

Here it is (seen on my neighbour's 1975 B & D Workmate , apparently he collects them ! )


The machine open


The model No :


The tonearm base - Pot metal and easily cracked or shattered by a knock to the tonearm or case


The tonearm folds back neatly


The back of the soundbox - again Pot metal


An Advert stuck to one of the record sleeves which i found in the same home

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