the "oranola" Double soundbox Duophone Lookalike

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the "oranola" Double soundbox Duophone Lookalike

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:54 pm

I'm sure we're all familiar with the Duophone - a machine which uses a tonearm with a double soundbox supposedly to separate Bass sound from Treble - but curiously all the sound goes down into one horn through one hole ?

in the 1980's the Dealers were selling them for a LOT of money, in fact one "Dealer" bought a tabletop version at the Fabled "Don Watson" sale for Over £300 - one of the top prices of the day , did he make a profit ? well, probably but the Proceeds of the Ring operating that day would have helped cushion any loss !

It wasn't a New idea as German machines had used the same idea before - i can't say i'm very impressed with them as they sound just like any other machine fo the period - Duophone did make the Soundbox/Tonearm as an accessory and so i have tried them on HMV and Columbia machines but records didn't sound as good as with the original arrangement !

So the double soundbox was some sort of Novelty device to sell otherwise dull machines - BUT it wasn't the Only British firm to use them - this advert from The Roger Thorne Archive shows another dated 1920, pre - dating Duophone - i suppose it's possible Duophone bought "Bailey's Concertophone" out ? But at least the Oranola (Sounds like a French Fizzy Drink ) at least had some style - even if the one pictured did conceal itself in a reproduction "Sheraton" ladies' Work Table

was it "the world's Best Sounding Instrument" ? I doubt it and i've never seen one - maybe the "antiques Trade" have converted them to "real" sheraton Work Tables

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