The Compactophone Portable 1914 ?

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The Compactophone Portable 1914 ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:48 pm

Compactophone Portables are fairly well known - small, distinguished, unobtrusive Oak cased and other than the transfer rather dull ! I had never paid them much attention really until a machine like this appeared on ebay - it made more than i would have paid so i was somewhat surprised to see this one from the SAME Vendor appear i bought it for £75 and wondered what on earth i'd done in buying something that MUST have been made up ! the first had no trademark whilst this one has the glorious one shown

when it arrived it was obviously Genuine - the Vendor told me She had had both for years and that they'd been bought by 2 brothers - from the same shop Pre Great War, the odd thing is that the patents shown here are for the 1914 Sterno Compactophone and not this one !

Is this design - obviously Swiss in origin as it has the " Nirona " reflector (giant size) Pre - The Sterno Compactophone or Post 1919 ?

Here it si from the outside - there is a record compartment under the motor


The Machine open showing the reflector & toenarm ready for use


The Reflector with Gilt decorated Stand


The Reflector Folded Away


The Trademark Showing the OTHER model but with a LION whilst the Oak version has a Bulldog standing by the machine all very odd !


The Patents


The strange "bent Coathangar" that "locks" the record compartment when the lid is closed

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