£7.50 for a Gramophone ?

All the machines NOT Covered above ie : Continental, Unbranded, Small firms & Any Portable machines (other than By HMV)
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£7.50 for a Gramophone ?

Post by Gmemg » Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:12 pm

Is seems really amazing BUT it happened - a perfectly decent tabletop gramophone with a bag of records for .........................£7.50 ! was just an ebay Fluke (such as the HMV 194 for £150, The EMG 10b oversize for £500, Davey Rollright sharpener for £5 & other of my bargains) sadly i don't think it was a fluke i really think that's more or less what it's worth

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131248299950? ... 1423.l2649

I know that 20 years ago some CLPGS Twit would have paid some Crooked CLPGS Dealer £200 for the very same machine (and had to hear all sorts of tosh as well " ) and would then have had to pay for records ...............I can just imagine the scene .....

Young insignificant, (unsuicidal) collector enters shabby "retro" (Dated 1970's) Shop he's recently divorced and faces 5 years alone after suggesting "A**L" to his now ex wife , he looks at the extraordinary Prices and realises he can only afford a shabby tabletop ..........

"'ow mooch is this Piggin' Gram Maite ?" (he adopts a Brummagem accent so his parent's creditor's won't spot him)

Dealer : ( Clad in Jeans with VERY high waistband and YMCA T - Shirt smoking a "fragrant" cigarillo) emerges an spots collector near an hmv 145 priced at £4800 .....

"yis, Yis, Yis, that's one of the rarest machines in the world .........

"Oi wass lookin' at this ere Piggin' Machine maite " said the collector pointing at the Mut - o - Gram placed under an HMV 203 with oak legs ..

"yis, Yis, Yis, a wise choice for the "modest," (Simple ) Collector sir , it's made from "Acoustic Wood" which aids the resonances of the records to produce a mellow tone so beloved of the discerning collector and Yis Yis Yis the fibre gear has been replaced by Mike faker (who can also make record cabinet locks) so is in perfect working order (loud clunks heard during winding ..........Record then plays backwards )

" just don't use it too often" (as heard by a "trademark wner having had the same "faker" replace the fibre gear !)

"Oil Taik it , it's piggin Greet Maite "

Yis Yis, Good idea i have a very high turnover - hundreds of machines selling every day , every day I say , yis Yis Yis !!!!

"Butte Yer oinly open on Saturday aint yer " ?

Yis Yis Yis -- cash is preferable - keeps the accounts easier BLEURRRRRRRR Ha ha ha

"Would like an organic Cigarillo , they're grown in "darkest Border Country"by a chap with a "Complicated" financial History (evidence compiled in a "Fraternal File" he owing some of the "bro's" money !)

"Err, Thanks - i feel light as air.........as does the gram ..........."

- but now £7.50 is what that machine is worth !

and there's far worse for sale NOW on ebay and certainly in so called "Antiques Shops" for FAR more money - however it did have an interesting trademark which probably should be the nickname for such machines

Was it a DOG ? No it's a .............

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Money. Greed. Naivety. Falsehoods. Exploitation. Welcome to the wonderful world of gramophones!

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