It's a Klingsor ? Err It's a Perophone !

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It's a Klingsor ? Err It's a Perophone !

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:08 pm

I bought this machine some time ago - I've seen quite a few Klingsor machines some are very grand indeed and magnificent looking if rather a let down as gramophones as they have rather small horns rather more suited to a Phonograph, this one isn't one of the grandest i've seen with no stained Glass and no decorative metal framed strings in front and oddly no metal horn either - i took the back off the case and found the horn was completely genuine

SO why would a Klingsor have a wooden horn - there were all sorts of theories from other collectors - was it a Great War Period one and thus the horns weren't available ? was it just one of the cheaper ones ? no - one knew for sure .............then i knocked over some paperwork and out of the file came a 1911 advert from the Roger Thorne collection for ............


and there it is !

So it must be a Perophone ? well in another file of Klingsor adverts is an identical advert for a Klingsor so i can only assume they were sold under both names !

Here it is :

The Case


The record compartment - the soundbox is deliberately reversed as it is rather cramped in there


The horn is a wooden funnel


and at the bottom - just the tonearm - it's simple but VERY effective


and the proof - first the Perophone Advert from 1911


and the Klingsor advert

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