The Dalek-O-Phone a Fine if Odd Machine

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The Dalek-O-Phone a Fine if Odd Machine

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:40 pm

This machine & its's big brother turned up in a West Country Auction in 2008 after the Death of their Creator (Herr Doktor Frannkenphone ? - ED) "The Squire" and i saw them in the Summer 2008 issue of "For the Cretins/Paedos" magazine at the time , we discussed them but hadn't seen them for sale and rather lamented to opportunity to view them .

Proudie was needless to say dismissive of both machines - the larger one which featured a XB horn fitted onto a Saxophone tube under the motorboard which was 6ft in the air ! that machine was weight driven and apparently when compared with a Mk 9 the Mk 9 "Ran Rings round it" this machine was the smaller and although it had a conventional Double spring motor it is most unusual !

This machine failed to sell in the Auction( (But sold after) the Larger one made £210 and sold to the "Leading Dealer" who according to "suicidal Steve" TMF admin :

"Just took the 2 spring EMG (Actually an Astra Variant) off and scrapped the rest "

Later he hinted that the EMG Guru had in fact sent the horn to Mrs P***L who recovered it and united with an original base it's now owned by someone who thinks it's a genuine XB horn !

This machine however survived as it was created and thus "the Squire " Bought it - i saw it in his home and was aghast - BUT as he pointed out to me it is a most unusual machine into which a LOT Of thought, experimentation & Genius went , we both doubt that the creator actually set out to make this machine BUT this is what he got in the end and IT WORKS !

Here it is :

It's an odd looking machine which works using a reflector principal rather like a Decca Portable machine, from the tabletop it's 34" to the top of the reflector


From the Side - the horn is made from Hardboard tiles, shaped and graduated in size bolted together it's 21" across the bell - it looks like a Dalek on it's side


the back is made from the same "tiles" Curved inside & out and held in place by the "fins" you see


The Tonearm is a "Novaphonic" Type which is long, exponential but only the front part pivots


The Soundbox is a concert sized Swiss model adapted by the Creator with a front mask of his own design as well as a Diaphragm made apparently from layered thick brown paper - this soundbox is crucial as it is MATCHED to the horn - "the Squire" and i tried many different types of box with this including a Meltrope but NONE could beat it - yes it's the first machine i've ever heard which was NOT improved by a Meltrope so i tried a 4 spring Expert soundbox and that also failed - it was at this point i realised that this machine is something Unique !


And here's why - I and no doubt others thought this was like an HMV 32 with a tube under the tonearm to the horn - and there is BUT it's not straight - the Tube is exponential it's whole length from under the soundbox to the reflector and goes right round the case - the acoustic length from the back of the soundbox to the reflector is 7 1/2 Ft long. I don't know what the tube is made from - it may be wooden but also might be bent hardboard - which is mind boggling !


The Tube comes up from under the motorboard and though the horn


It then curves into the reflector which is curved inside & out with a Diffusor on the inside


The Creator was so proud of what he'd done that he designed an Arm lock for the support so he could show the conduit


Conclusion - This is an astonishing sounding machine, alas due to a technical failure i can't show you the U - Tube video from the Last Witney gathering but can tell you it's sound is astonishing - the sound is very mellow and even with steel needles the Background noise is surpressed whilst the actual recording is unimpaired - BUT only with the soundbox it was made with NO other achieves the same sound

It's such a pity that it's larger brother fell into the hands of the ignorant Buffers of a Corrupt society who weren't interested in practical craftsmanship & intelligence and laughed at these

Dalek - O - Phone is not a fair name for it but i don't know who made it or when but they did know what they were doing

I shall either borrow this machine or make a U - Tube video soon to demonstrate this fine, if odd machine, despite my initial Horror i have to say I would have bought this had i known how well it sounds and what a creative Genius made it !
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