Expert Minor On Ebay

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Expert Minor On Ebay

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:43 pm

It's something of a surprise to see an Expert Minor on Ebay as they are very rare things and of the several EMG people i've spoken to about it none have actually seen another (or perhaps just hadn't noticed) . It's not a surprise to see it offered by our old friends and Ring Members the Jones' under another of their Ebay names "Wizzbang 2008"

These are the smallest of the Expert range (18" Horn) and i would have thought that they would be a lot more common than they seem to be but maybe they were too small and no - one who wanted an Expert then wanted one so small ! even if that wasn't the case then it most certainly is the case now as none of the EMG people i spoke to wanted it however good the condition (and it comes with a lot of bits & pieces and a 2 sporing box) as one said :

"What's it going to sound like - a fart in a collander ?"

Harsh words and they can't be that bad can they ? i suspect that a decent metal horn machine from 20 years before would make a much better sound but a si haven't heard one it is really just a guess . The Truth remains that whilst HMV people seem to want every different trivial variant of the Portable machines EMG/Expert people seem just to go for the best and that in their opinion is the Biggest they can find and stick with it

For EMG/Expert People Size really does matter ... 1438.l2649
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