Another "Mark IV" on Ebay ?

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Another "Mark IV" on Ebay ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:43 pm

It was a strange fact of the Antiques business that if someone does well with something in Auction then by the next auction dealers & collectors would dust down their own examples and bung them in the next one - sometimes with surprising results - that old rule still happens to this day on ebay and since the recent success of a Mark IV on ebay it was only a matter of time before someone else tired the same trick alas this time it's well known "ring" & CLPGS members the "jones'" Yes when not biting other football fans ears and prowling around the "big Fairs" and according to "Suicidal" Steve and "oor Ken" "doing a Bunk before the Rozzers arrived " at the Great CLPGS Hotel Robbery they have several names on Ebay and under "milkmaid UK" they are selling what to the untrained Eye might pass as an EMG Mark IV

This one, is NOT going to make near £2,000 as it's more of an EMG MArk 2 1/2 as the Tonearm is missing - replaced by an HMV of non EMG type and the horn appears to be the one created some years ago to complete a machine and now painted black

- this is the second tme of listing and now at 5p less than last time it may be on ebay gradually becoming cheaper for some time to come

Dear O Dear - why do the CLPGS allow such people to be members ? as Both "suicidal" Steve and "Oor Ken" Both put it :

"The Jones's Fooked Off before the Rozzers arrived, It must have been an inside job as the fogies was off t'breakfast when t'robbery 'appened"

"Keep 'Em Peeled" as the Rozzers in this case certainly didn't !
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