Which EMG model is This ? Macdona Makers ?

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Which EMG model is This ? Macdona Makers ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:40 pm

Some years ago i spotted this unusual EMG case on ebay - i didn't want it as it was near some Godforsaken place called Westonzoyland (oddly enough i passed that place recently to collect a large and very rare gramophone - yes a Bl**dy Chromogram) i passed the info on to the Chunnsori Museum (I wouldn't do that now ) and he bought it

it must be one of the first EMG cabinet machines after they stopped being Magnophones but without the original interior who would know what should be in there ?

Is it the very model Mr Ginn Varnished and which turned out "Very Very red" (According to the Mostly Fictional Cancer Sufferer Killer EMG book )

here it is


and the trademark - but what does "Macdona Makers" mean - were they the cabinet makers Mr Ginn used to make the Cabinets after the Brighton Maker of the Magnophones ?

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