"Waring & Gillow" Vesper Tabletop Seymour Fittings

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"Waring & Gillow" Vesper Tabletop Seymour Fittings

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:40 pm

Vesper machines are well made gramophones which seldom seem to turn up to - day - a few years ago on ebay i bought one after another and not usually for the high=est prices - well mostly for far less than any Boring HMV would make at that time !

Most Vesper machines seem to have high quality cases made by the Standard Manufacturing Co of Acton or "Stadmac" which seemed to make the cabinets and used Henry Seymour Parts - he may well have been a lot more involved in the firm than just supplying parts as the overall technical design seems his as well, the early cabinet & tabletop models have horns which uniquely face the back of the machine and thus reflect from the wall or corner behind the machine !

Some Later machines had cases of equally high quality made by the Prestigious firm of Waring & Gillow (Gillows of Lancaster had been making fine furniture since the 18th Century) and these slightly late models have conventional doors on the front but still have Seymour tonearms & Soundboxes

Here's one i found on ebay at that time and paid very little for it's in the Vaguely "Chippendale" Style popular int eh 1920's :


The Outside


The card pinned under the motorboard - note the unusual Address !


The Seymour Tonearm & Soundbox


Waring & Gillow Took No Chances - stamped in and a Brass Plate as well !


The motor - a 2 Spring High Quality Garrard no 1 - note the horn made of very thin wood


An interesting Anecdote from the "Chunnsori Museum" - He had bought a Vesper Tabletop from "the Leading Dealer" who agreed to hold on to it until the Chunnsori was back in the Uk .........

"No, no, no, Chunnsori, you don;t need to pay me any money upfront, we're Friends aren't we, aren't we !!!!! yis, yis, Yis, i'll keep it for you, afer all i am an International Dealer dealing Internationally with international Clients all over the world Yis, Yis, Yis,

When the Chunnsori arrived to collect only a few weeks later it was something of a different story !

"I can't keep things for anyone just on a whim you know, i am an international trader, trading Internationally with all the toppmst collectors and my stock turns over fast !!! Yis, Yis, Yis, you should have RESERVED this and paid me if you wanted me to keep this for you !!!!!!!! i can't have stock hanging about , my wide variety of international clients want to see it all and take advantage of my good nature ............and if you want to remain in "the Society" you'll not join the new forum and that also goes for putting the name of the EMG Guru on your Museum - call it pressure if you want or Blackmail but that's what we Cancer Sufferer Killer Conspiritors are like you Know !!!!!!!!! we know where YOUR mother lives don;t forget , Yis Yis Yis, Wiggy Likes "orientals" and he told us Yuis Yis Yis
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