"Wilson Horn EMG on Ebay - "The Mystery Voice"

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"Wilson Horn EMG on Ebay - "The Mystery Voice"

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:38 pm

I'm sure many saw this machine on Ebay - it went right to the last few seconds without a bid then sold for i's listing price - £2300 which seems a LOT of money for such a machine -but it is a machine with a History , It was sold by a Cornish owner and he had got it from................The EMG Guru , not unusual i hear you cry but it came from an Auction near Gloucester some years ago which luckily appeared on "the Saleroom" With a live link, and that's what made it interesting as when this item came up a "Mystery Voice" was heard saying :

"Replacement soundbox"

Which the Auctioneer repeated - as if anyone at Home (Me !) hadn't heard that - i still Ran it up to £1,000 which meant it sold for at least £1300 - much to the Chagrin of the buyer i was told ! he thought that by trying to put off buyers at home he could buy it cheap - alas it didn't work with me and the days when he and others could Rob CLPGS Member's widows of their EMGs seemed to have come to an end if their Heirs put them in Public Auction

But still they bought Xb oversizes in the West Country and as the "leading Dealer " Put it :

"yis Yis Yis, He just threw the machine into the back of his truck and drove off , the arrangement had been to clear the house but he didn't"

But i suppose if you've got a Useless son who deals in Drugs, a Useless Daughter & "Middle Class Thug" and "Wedding Carriage pusher" of a Son in Law and are so arrogant & useless in Business that you have to live off your Wife it's bound to happen ...............

Here's the machine - is it off to the "Chunsori Museum of Credit Card Use & Post Dated Cheques " ?

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Very-rare-192 ... true&rt=nc
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