5 soundbox test of an EMG Mark IV

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5 soundbox test of an EMG Mark IV

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:30 pm

Following the sale last week of 2 EMG Mark IVs (For £700 & early £1,000 with Comm) i decided to sort out my one to see what all the fuss was about ! i had sold two a few weeks before for somewhat less than the above figures and hadn't even played them - it was only in searching for my one - an Electric one that i realised that i had in fact sold it with one of the others !

Most annoying but typical of me ! so i took the one i found - a spring wound one (with Garrard 10B motor) indoors and decided to give it a test - i had lost or rather misplaced the original Horseshoe shaped 2 spring soundbox so used a later Nickel Meltrope on it and was delighted with the results - not so much with electrically recorded records but certainly with Acoustic ones - i made a couple of Videos and it was suggested i do a soundbox test - so i did !

I used the Nickle Meltrope, then a Meltrope 3, a Meltrope 3, an Expert 4 Spring soundbox and then an HMV no 4

here are the results :

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