Early EMG Mica Diaphragm Soundbox ?

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Early EMG Mica Diaphragm Soundbox ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:29 pm

This is a soundbox i first saw some 20 years ago - then it meant nothing to me, it had been bought with an EMG portable model by it's owner some time in the 1950's - i could never quite work out what was wrong with the machine as it looked very home made BUT it had the EMG plaque, tonearm etc so must be genuine was my reasoning ! later when i bought another Portable EMG i assumed it to be of the same size & quality, it wasn't it was twice the size and built like a battleship ! the first machine had been "reduced" and crudely too .

( I could tell some extraordinary stories about this "collector" an dhow i fell through a wardrobe trying to get to an Expert Senior Horn , the 2 Expert Senior tonearms which "vanished" when i asked him to sell them to me etc etc )

Years later the owner sold me a lot of spares and in the box was this soundbox - it is very unusual and has most certainly been altered but not crudely like the case of the machine , it's a sort of Exhibition type of no obvious origin - it could be UK or continental - the mountings have been removed and a very unusual, i should say Unique to me fitting skilfully soldered on so that the Stylus bar mountings are held between rubber blocks and then metal plates hold them on with adjustable screws for maximum adjustment - it has only a hole and thus is for steel only BUT with an Adaptor could use fibre

the diaphragm is a mica one BUT is also uniquely machined with a raised centre and turned edges that are thinner than the centre which acts as a stiffener - something i have never seen before

The Back appears original and is a series of plates with very thin rubber plates between - only the tonearm fitting has been changed to snugly fit an EMG tonearm - there is no Meltrope back or anything like a "lifebelt" and i don;t think one would have been used BUT would fit between an EMG tonearm & soundbox so who knows ?

is this some sort of Experimental EMG soundbox made by Henry Seymour ? or by Mr Wilde who did some extraordinary things with standard soundboxes or was it some amateur ? i don;t know and doubt anyone else does although certainly Mr Ginn Never made soundboxes or indeed gramophones !

Here's the box from the front


here's the Soundbox from the side - you can see the mounting blocks & the machined diaphragm


the adjustment Screws


The Back


and from the side hopefully showing the raised centre of the diapragm


and here's a comparison Video to demonstrate that a Mica Diaphragm is no means that inferior to a Metal one with STEEL needles


(PS this is the 6,000th post thanks to everyone who's contributed despite threats & intimidation)
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