Need an Expert Senior Base ? I've got one you can borrow

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Need an Expert Senior Base ? I've got one you can borrow

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:28 pm

That's what i heard earlier !

It's really odd what happens sometimes, i mentioned in one of the videos made for members here that the Pedestal Cabinet for my Large Expert (I assume it to be a Snr but at 29 1/2" Wide i'm not sure ) and this morning i received a 'phone call from aCLPGS member (Who doesn't wish to be identified as others have had threats from certain quarters) he got my 'Phone number from another Collector who as part of a Group came to "the Preceptory" a few weeks ago basically he heard that my Pedestal cabinet wasn't in great condition and he wondered if i would care to borrow the spare base he's had for some years unused waiting for a horn ! it's a tabletop machine but otherwise identical technically to my Pedestal model

I was somewhat taken aback , but have agreed to meet him later this week, i don't like borrowing things and told him so at which point he agreed to sell it to me soundbox & all - it seems he wrote to "a dealer" (He can't recall whom) asking if he had a horn or if not would he want the base who never bothered to reply (Gusto ? he's famous for that) after he was given it by another collector who bought it at some time in the 1950's from a Hi - Fi shop who for unknown reasons kept the horn the first collector hoped to buy the horn in time but when the Hi - Fi business closed in the 1980's the horn had vanished assumed thrown out so he gave it to the man who rang me - he said :

"I want it to be used"

and as my restorer isn't known for his speed (Average 3 months for something fairly simple) and i can't play records if the case is with him and i'm not noted for my Patience i shall go and see him & this base during the week and let you know - i'm always astonished at what happens
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