Astra Soundbox Advert 1935 or Did EMG use Astras ?

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Astra Soundbox Advert 1935 or Did EMG use Astras ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:17 pm

Here's an interesting advert, it's a very rare one as it actually depicts the "Astra" soundbox apparently "made under licence" from EMG - is that true ? would EMG allow another and bigger company to make soundboxes under licence thus depriving them of much needed funds ? or were the EMG boxes really Astras just used on EMG machines ? - there are after all far More EMG soundboxes about than machines , there is absolutely NO evidence that EMG made soundboxes not that they never claimed too and they certainly weren't afraid of advertising every other Fact or Fiction about themselves !

Could it be that after Mr Ginn departed Mr wild, who undoubtedly actually made EMG soundboxes before the split wouldn't make any more for EMG so they used Astras ?

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