EMG "De Luxe Mk Vlll" Makes £2005 & Strange happenings

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EMG "De Luxe Mk Vlll" Makes £2005 & Strange happenings

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:16 pm

I saw this machine on Ebay when it was listed - at first i couldn't believe the crudity of the horn - goodness knows what it would sound like but good isn't a word i would expect to be used !

The description was "interesting" as well - "belonged to a BBC Sound engineer" well, why not (as Barry Norman might have said) and looking at the machine the case was ok and original , the soundbox some sort of odd confection - why anyone would make a NEW brass back for a cracked HMV no 5 bezel is beyond explanation and as i say the horn was "odd"

I decided to continue my policy of making CLPGS Members and Collaborators PAY, particularly if they are the Po -faced, Right wing Nuts who are obsessed with EMG ! i spoke to an institutional "client" of mine and they didn't want it so i thought :

"Make 'Em Pay"


"if i get it - well, i have a Wilson horn in good nick so no problem "

then something very odd happened - the usual EMG bores started writing odd things elsewhere - mentioning prices and "values" and calculating the cost (Highly Inflated ) of replacing the horn & Soundbox ! something that has NEVER Happened before as EMG people are allergic to mentioning what things cost and usually "Keep their cards close to their chests" especially before an item ends on ebay ! (another odd circumstance happened at the sale of the Mk v111 in Glos when someone prompted the Auctioneer to mention the "associated" Soundbox and thus frighted the Internet bidders !)

Strange questions were being asked on the listing - they were easily identifiable as coming from "hampshire" and weren't that relevant

Stranger & stranger i thought - but i didn't alter my bid !

who could have been behind these odd happenings ?

I suspected i saw a shadow behind all these odd happenings - the same as i saw behind the "associated Soundbox" scam - for that's what it was - a deliberate attempt to stifle internet bidding - and i thought i smelt "Musty old books" and " Ancestor worship" "the Fake Mk Vlll" and maybe spiky leafed plants as well !

SO i didn't change my bid and the item made £2005 rather more than i suspect the buyer wanted to pay - and i'm fairly certain that buyer was "the Shadow" himself !

One thing i really didn't like about this machine was the horn fitting - i've seen a number of these machines and NONE had a raised ring to fit the horn into they were all flush with the motorboard - and my "institutional " Friends have sent me many photos of their machines and that confirmed it - however if there is a Hard & Fast rule about EMG it's that no 2 are alike so it may be right !

One last note - i don't like Wilson horn machines , contrary to opinion i don't find they sound good at all - and as for being "the best for Jazz" that's just rubbish ! Wilson horns are inconvenient to own are a pain when not on the machine are a pain when on the machine as unless you live in a Giant Bungalow (Barn Conversion) then you don't have the space to avoid bumping into them and certainly don;t have the space to hear them at their best which is still worse than a good Expert Junior or even the Hated (By the "Shadow") EMG Mk 9

however it still made more than the Bogus "valuations"

And let them beware I won't be put off bidding others up - i make my own valuations and my Clients Have the Money to buy from me so i Don't care how much i pay - but i still have a good Wilson horn - is it for sale ?

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