Vertical Horn EMG - it's a FAKE !

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Vertical Horn EMG - it's a FAKE !

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:15 pm

Some will have seen a dull article about the "vertical Horn EMG" Some years ago in the magazine of the City of London Paedo & Gay Society "The HIllandalenews" I was most suspicious of it then and am even more so now !

When something like this turns up question shave to be asked - "Why" being the most important - not "What's it's diameter or "Where's my micrometer ? " ad at the time i couldn't think of an answer to "why"

But now i think "Why did they make a one - off as odd as that ? " is there an answer ? the WHOLE POINT Of the EMG and Expert horn is that it makes a Wilson Horn & WIlson's Maths able to fit into a"Normal" Horn where a Wilson horn is a real pain (I know as i've owned several ) so having a machine which - even in a room with very high ceilings is rather improbable !

the answer is, of course they DIDN'T !

That machine is a FAKE and no doubt the faker is laughing at all the pretentious nonsense spouted by a Bored "Millionaire /Banker - Hedgefund manager" as out of touch with real life as "Louis Xllll"

He states :

Inevitably there is always some shrinkage present which has taken place over the past 80 years.

Shrinkage ? in an EMG horn ? Come off it Graham - they distort due to damp but they don't shrink !

and :

required a unique small secondary casting for the centre section which would have demanded a "one-off" pattern

Is that likely with EMG - a bunch of cheapskates at the best ?

and the most damning :

It would seem that the final finish on the paper has been brushed on, going some way to explaining the excellent preservation of colours.

"Painted on" & "Excellent Preservation of colours" isn't that a clue for a firm which used and obviously had access to printed papers ?

the rational answer (using one's eyes rather than a Micrometer) is that someone found a damaged horn adapted it with some casting - possibly made but more likely adapted from something else and made something unique for their own fun

"Saying EMG Made it "

is nonsense without some PROOF - think of all those "trademark" Gramophones out there VERY FEW Are original and if sold by a "Ring"Dealer " then even more unlikely to be original or genuine - usually a Mike "faker"Field junk - o - phone

The Clues are all there - but you can't see them if you're busy mucking about with your micrometer - It's like so many machines a "Frankenphone" made up from other parts - genuine base but Made - up horn which if not pointing in the "Right" Direction .............err...........falls over !


Or if not then made by someone just wanting to use old parts in a new way - it happens all the time with gramophones especially as so many CLPGS Members (When not abusing Kiddyz) fiddles about with old parts ! or was it made by those behind the "Fake Mk V111" Now believed to have be in the "Chunnsori" museum ? with a case made by "the Village Carpenter" and parts from "The EMG Collection" and a horn made by a Well - known EMG personality & his brother ? rthe story comes from "suicidal Steve" TMF Admin - remember him graham ? he tried (with his Guru's Help) to get YOU to make a Bogus "legal" Complaint - thank goodness you didn't !

someone's trying to get YOU to buy it for MASSIVE Money Graham - don;t be fooled as you were with the HMV 211 (Which had a WORKING motor when ian Bought it for £120 )

It's odd Graham, before making his Giant "Crapophones " (as "Suicidal Steve" TMF Admin Christened them ) desperately wanted to buy the Wilson Horn Conversion ................Until Steve named his price ! Chunny also made the mistake in not buying it on Ebay assuming it wouldn't sell (it did) and thus the Hilarious phrase coined by "Suicidal Steve " TMF Admin came into being :

"Chunny Choked on his Cornflakes"

as he did when i ran him to £600 + for the EMG Radiogram in Essex - he would have got it for £50 - very expensive Collaborating with My Mother's Killers - The CLPGS and it'll get more expensive

(Please note i haven't used any of Graham's photos as, unlike him with the Delius Photo he nicked from the former forum taken for an article by ME and used by him in his article without permission I don;t abuse the work of others and pass it off as my own)
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Money. Greed. Naivety. Falsehoods. Exploitation. Welcome to the wonderful world of gramophones!

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