The REAL EMG Story (Without Rose Coloured Specs)

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The REAL EMG Story (Without Rose Coloured Specs)

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:14 pm

I'm sure many have read the "EMG Story" or as "Suicidal" Steve TMF Admin always referred to it :

"The EMG Story" (Through Rose Coloured Glasses"

Which it is !

Now it's true that research has moved on and many machines previously undreamt of have turned up - especially the one i rubbished one which turned out to be pivotal ! (And "Suicidal" Steve, TMF Admin said the Guru would have destoryed had he owned it tp preserve his version )

so here's the REAL "EMG Story" without large pictures of dull people to "Phil Space" (And MY Ancestors weren't in "trade" especially the Slave trade)

Henry Seymour being "persona no Grata" with the big gramophone companies but also being THE Expert on Recorded Sound had lots of unused ideas so when a Wet Fish Salesman (Already) came to see him to ask about machines he had the perfect "front" for a business !" First Came

"The Magnophone"

(Chinoiserie one bought at auction by the happy co - incidence of a co - operative auctioneer who "took the sale so fast the phones (Ian Maxted ?) Couldn't keep up then brought the hammer down quick at JUST the sum the buyer had available )

The Magnophone used Seymour parts - Horn, Tonearm, soundbox etc and a cases MADE BY Seymour's brother - a cabinet maker which then used the Ginn home as a showroom - the name then changing to E.M.G

Seymour was pleased to have another outlet for his parts

THEN Percy Wilson & Seymour argued over tonearms through the pages of the Gramophone magazine - the result ? first the "Wilson/Seymour" tonearm THEN Percy Wilson worked out the mathematics for an External horn which HENRY SEYMOUR had made using his backbracket & a case roughly made for the occasion and then made into the machine I bought and Mr Chunny now has which was the one demonstrated to Compton Mackenzie SO There was a Wilson Horn Gramophone BEFORE EMG got near one

Percy Wilson had an HMV 510 which then became the second "Wilson Horn Conversion" which unlike the first used the WIlson/Seymourand later with EMG Engraved on it when it was used for demonstration purposes Tonearm NOT Upside down but made for it and as i point out in my video incompetantly assembled with woodwork made by Henry Seymour's brother and using that they were able to demonstrate to HH West the possibilities - mainly that a Wilson horn in a domestic setting is impractical so it has to be bent into another shape - EMG was born !

Mr Wild made the soundboxes - he was, after all the best qualified to do so and brought out his own (More complicated in construction) boxes identical to the EMG "Long bar " Soundbox before EMG Existed and then they were "Tuned" by EMG - a complete nonsense just used to raise day to day funds - the machines sold well - mainly to "Eccentrics" or to use the term used then "Confirmed Bachelors" or GAY men but a few to Married men !

THEN Mr Ginn (already) nicked the money raised for the business for his own furniture and the company staggered on without him !

Expert was born using more of Henry Seymour's increasingly outdated but improved ideas - and to - day most critical people know an Expert is better sounding than an EMG (But doesn't look so pleasant !)

Both firms competed in a very small Niche market until WW2 when it died

EMG continued by selling records , making average quality Audio sets using second rate components and with "EMG" As a badge (Jewellery) and as a "Gay Contact" Centre which maintained the tradition since the Owner was himself a Gay man (and rumoured to be worse )

It's a simple as that and if it wasn't quite like that then as Sherlock Holmes once said :

How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?

alas "the EMG Story was written using methods described in this quote :

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.

(With Thanks to "Suicidal" Stev, TMF Admin, without whom this article could not have been written )
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