EMG/Expert Multi Needle container ?

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EMG/Expert Multi Needle container ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:08 pm

Some months ago i bought a Large Expert Gramophone, it had been used in a shop in Oxford until the 1960's when it ended up in the cellar where in the early 1970s the former owners bought it and took it home - they couldn't move it in their small car so ended up adapting a pram and pushing it all the way to North Oxford - as they didn't realise the horn detached it must have been a very odd sight and a photo does exist - soon to be reproduced here

With the gramophone they got a number of soundboxes and accessories and lots of record lists, Monthly letters etc (mostly dull)

The box of odds (except the soundboxes) wasn't included when i sold the machine - partly due to the haste of the purchasers and partly as i'd forgotten all about it !

Here's an odd item from that box - a Multi - compartment Needle container ? here it is next to an EMG Needle bowl (full) from the same box , it has no markings and frankly would be useless for fibres as it's not sealed - was it used to hold needles in the Audition rooms ?

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