Wild Connoiseur Soundboxes - EMG ?

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Wild Connoiseur Soundboxes - EMG ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:03 pm

I bought this some time ago - it was in it's original box and resembled an EMG "Long Bar" soundbox - the small hole in the long bar is actually for a lifting rod - it was long thought that the Wild Boxes were old EMG boxes re - used BUT when compared the EMG versions were obviously mass - Produced copies of the Wild !

No - one has yet discovered who made the Soundboxes - EMG never claimed to only that they "tuned" them - so was Mr Wild responsible ?

He was a watchmaker operating during the 1920's until well into the 1930's and his elaborate adverts are to be found thought the Gramophone magazines during those years - i later found a "Wild Tuned Meltrope" something he advertised but had never been found before.

The Soundbox



One of Mr Wild's adverts - April 1933

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