HMV Model 12 "Crouching Frog" horn Photos

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HMV Model 12 "Crouching Frog" horn Photos

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:00 pm

Some time ago i was asked for photos of the inside of my HMV model 12 so delightfully nicknamed by Proudie the "Crouching frog" the actual design would in fact be "Queen Anne" (not after her but the prevailing style in the Age of Walnut) and i often wonder what the machine might nickname him - Strutting Heron ? Secretary Bird ? Marathon Soundbox Lookalike ?

However, my apologies for the delay - so long in fact that i have lost the E.Mail and cannot recall who sent it so the following photos of the various details required are taken from my Mahogany model 12 - they should be identical to the uniquely more common (and originally cheaper £30 - to the Mahogany £32 10/- ) Walnut version but you never know !

my one is actually dated in pencil underneath

here are the photos

The horn bolts to the back of the case and as i assume the cases were made in Germany and fitted out in the UK it has a thin plywood ""pad" to separate it from the back which must be an adaption - all the model 12s i've seen have this


The cast Iron section of the horn has a recess of the motor to sit in - this was also used in a few early Tabletops as well and is a Victor product


The motor is a 2 spring Monarch fitted to what i believe to be a Unique motor plate only seen in these models - also there are NO fixing screws


The case handles are , i think only used in the model as well


This is the soundbox which usually appears on this period of machine -" The Gramophone Co" exhibition


And the registered design label underneath


and in a dark corner underneath the date of completion ? 1/4 1913

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