"Prototype " Portable or Indian Fakey (Opera House ?)

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"Prototype " Portable or Indian Fakey (Opera House ?)

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:57 pm

I have been sent a video of a machine ............it claims to be a "one of a Kind Prototype" i watched the video with an open mind and initially it looked interesting but doubts began to form it's very well made and the covering looks ok -but :

WHY does it resemble one of those Selecta Portables ?

why does the sound come up the back ?

why would HMV have made such a thing as it 's not that portable and apparently not fit for purpose ?

where's the trademark?

Why if it's portable is there no lid catch on the horn flap, wouldn't it just flap when being carried ?

It overall design it resembles that very odd "Opera House" Machine featured elsewhere which some misquided fellow described as "Black Forest" more like :

"Black Hole of Calcutta" i Thought !

and i think that's the case with this thing - a Fake to be accepted has to be more or less like something genuine and this is too odd to be "Right" i think it's one of those odd machines being knocked out in MAlaya or Indiah or somewhere Further East - Chunnsoir Fakey Factory ?

I don;t believe in co - incidences and one odd machine with HMV parts playing vertically is one thing but two makes a fake to me !

(It's amusing that all those Twits on the TMF Vwere taken in By The "Opera House" but not the Admin - Well Done ! )

here's the video

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