Model 60 "Welsh Schools Model"

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Model 60 "Welsh Schools Model"

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:54 pm

This was an odd machine i bought at a Christie's sale some years ago - in another lot in the same sale i also bought a smaller version again with a lid - Proudie obviously thought little of them at the time but later found out to his chagrin that they were in fact HMV models and the lids made at HMV he then contacted me and he and Oakey appeared one day - to say it was like some sort of Music Hall Comedy Act is not exaggerating - it was Chaos with Oakey Photographing Schoolgirls outside ...............That's not a Joke "the squire" witnessed the farce

It's an example iof HMV having outdated or unsold models altered and sold off - this time presumably to some welsh education authority - they appear in sales lists (But not catalogues) From October 1922 and sales continued until 1927

On this example some hinges had been fitted not once but twice so it was impossible to tell the intention - but i suppose a lid which hinged fromt eh front would deflect an missiles aimed at the record !

Oddly enough this one had a screw speed control and No soundbox fitting on the motorboard which also had a fixed wooden section under the tonearm

Here's the one example

The Outside - The case is oak - alas the original finish had been covered with thick varnish


Opened up


The trademark


The battered label underneath

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