HMV ? water level Machine C 1930

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HMV ? water level Machine C 1930

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:54 pm

This most unusual machine is owned by "the Squire" he bought it many years ago mainly because it has an HMV no 34 motor and an HMV Tonearm - neither would have been available to the public so maybe there was some connection between the makers, Geo Kent and HMV

This machine is designed to be used in an industrial setting - perhaps over a well or a Dam or somewhere where the water level needs recording and presumably if the water level becomes dangerous alerting someone - it would have had a record with pre - recorded messages which a microphone attached would have relayed via a 'Phone line to some sort of central control there is also a device not unlike a barograph to record the levels in a physical form

i suppose it originally sat in some kind of case or barrel now lost

here it is :


The motor from underneath


The Tonearm


The Barograph section


The Makers plate

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