Historic Maori Carved HMV 109

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Historic Maori Carved HMV 109

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:51 pm

The HMV Tabletop range isn't the most inspiring in the World, basically Victor clones they all appear more or less the same to a Connoisseur but to the "CLPGS Anorak Brigade" they are of the greatest Interest - only slightly less interesting than Matrix Numbers and financial details of Record companies !

I have rarely taken much interest in them UNTIL I saw the machine photographed below on "the Saleroom" the picture (Yes, just one - it could actually have been a picture of a picture rather than a 3D object) didn't do it any favours BUT i recognised immediately that this was something VERY Different - it was Carved and although the carving appeared to be the work of some Bored Whittler with his pen - knife closer inspection revealed that the design was of Maori origin and not just some copy but of genuine "tribal" origin !

I sent one of my "confrere's" to investigate and the poor quality photos he produced showed carving all over the lid and one side (He is a terrible photographer - he didn't even open the lid !)

I did some research and found some very interesting information - HRH The Duke & Duchess of York (Later HIM King - Emperor George Vl & Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother) had visited New Zealand in 1927 and on the 24th of Feb had visited Rotorua to Unveil the New War memorial & visit the Traditional Maori Carving School established in 1926 by Sir Apirana Ngata, where they made HRH a Present ............

I could (and Can) find no other reference to any other such machine BUT did make the astonishing discovery that "Maori" Houses were fashionable Garden Follys in New Zealand the UK from the late 18th C until the late 1930's and even in Roumania where Queen Marie Had one - one reference to a gramophone is this

His (Sir Robt Anderson) Mäori house was set in 24 hectares of landscaped gardens, lawns and native bush
behind his stately neo-Georgian style home. Lady Anderson suggested that
the Maori house should have a sprung floor for dancing and many parties
were held in it. In 1932, Sir Robert Anderson’s daughter, Kathleen, had
her marriage ceremony in the Mäori house and during the reception after
the ceremony their gramophone played the latest tunes from London.

From :


Auckland Museum / University of Auckland

read more here :

http://www.jps.auckland.ac.nz/docs/Volu ... 0house.pdf

I decided to bid, But how much ? how do you value something obviously Unique & historic ? I decided it would go to £20,000 and consider my position should it reach that amount - but i didn't have to I was successful at a much lower figure as the UK "Trade" are too busy nicking enigma Machines, "Ringing" Auctions, Gay Club Visiting, Abusing children, Ripping Off EMG Owners , making Bogus "legal" Complaints (Actually Conspiring to Pervert the Course of Justice - thus "getting their Collar's felt !" ) and Growing & Dealing in "pot Plants" in Barns without Planning Permission to take any notice of anything other than the most banal & boring

When the machine arrived i was astonished at the Quality of the carving which not only covered the outside but also the inside of the lid as well and included carved "masks" on the Corners with Inlaid Mother of Pearl Eyes and a full figure on the lid ! It is However a perfectly standard HMV 109 in every other way

As usual the "trade" thought of this as a Gramophone whereas it's a "Hghly & Internationally Important piece of Tribal Art " and undoubtedly the Most important Gramophone to turn up this Century (certainly better than that Painted load of junk from SAS Featured on the front of the Hillandale News which had been painted by some Old Granny in an Art Class )

Here it is

Showing the Front & Lid carving


Front, Top & LH Side showing Corner "mask" & Top Figure


Front, Top & RH Side


The Back suggesting the machine was meant to be seen "in the Round"


The inside of the Lid


And finally the Retailer's plate - This was a Special Commission but for whom ? A Gift to the Royal Family or for the "Maori House" of Sir Robert Anderson ? The Research Continues

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